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Contact information

3410 Cornell Place 
Cincinnati, Ohio 45220

1 (513) 267-3344


University of Cincinnati
College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning
Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design

3.8 GPA

Class of 2024

HTW University of Applied Sciences Berlin
Study exchange program

3.8 GPA

Winter semester 2022-2023

Lakota East High School
Liberty Township, Ohio
3.8 GPA
Graduated with Honors diploma 

Class of 2019


Fource-4 A Division of Stress Engineering

Mason, Ohio

February 2023-May 2023

Design Co-op

Sketching, ideating, CAD work, making models to test the designs, making final models to send to clients, 3D printing, and working with engineers. Communicating and working efficiently to execute projects on a strict timeline. 

S.P.A Inc. A TRG Company

Milford, Ohio

May 2022-August 2022

September 2021-January 2022

Design Co-op

Developed display designs and fabricated models, prepared a bill of materials to identify all items needed for manufacturing. Assisted superiors in creating and executing projects in a fast-paced work environment.

Wittrock Woodworking

Blue Ash, Ohio

February 2021-May 2021

Mill floor floater

Collaborated with skilled cabinet makers. Product centered work including sanding, cutting, detailing, assembling, reading blueprints, and operating manufacturing equipment. Primary project was a custom built order that focused on refining grain work.   


Sketching, woodwork
ing, metal work, ceramics, CNC Machining, sewing, 3D printing

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Fusion 360, Keyshot, Artios CAD, SOLIDWORKS

Extra Curriculars 

University of Cincinnati Mountaineering Club

December 2020 - Present

Organize frequent backpacking and rock-climbing trips for the mountaineering community at

the University of Cincinnati. 

We the People

January 2021- Present

Conducting research in order to debate in front of peers and volunteering in the community.

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