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The Royal Group is committed to leading the customer experience in the packaging  industry. Their culture and values are at the core of their continued success to exceed expectations, always improve and meet all commitments. With a focus on sustainability and sales lift for their customers, they hold great integrity and ingenuity when delivering their products.  

Founded in 1922, The Royal Group’s mission is…
To provide value-added solutions to the most demanding customers with great speed and flexibility.

  • We will target, open and grow our business with demanding customers.

  • We will delight those demanding customers at the lowest possible cost.

  • We will achieve our objectives while maintaining the beliefs and values that make our company special.

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Creating temporary displays at S.P.A a TRG Company:

Temporary displays have a short in-store lifespan, therefore, to maximize a brand's impact to the consumer, the right company is needed.

The Royal Group's comprehensive approach combines both imagination and innovation to deliver display solutions that increase awareness of the brand while withstanding the rough retail environment.

With only a few seconds to inspire, grab attention of, and educate  a consumer, point-of-purchase displays are crafted to deliver consumer action. 

From simple countertop displays to complex multi-vendor endcaps or pallets, delivery is on time and stays within budget. 

Creating stunning temporary displays that are insight-driven, lab-tested and custom-made -and they're easily executed at retail, sell-through quickly and are environmentally safe- is of utmost importance

Projects designed while on co-op: 

Perfetti Paperboard Bottle Dump Bin


Perfetti Paperboard Bottle Dump Bin:

Temporary display for Perfetti Van Melle's Pure Fresh Gum. Their packaging is available is a recyclable, 90-percent paperboard bottle. 

The display is made to look like the new packaging with features including the rectangular shape with curved sides and a small lip on top. 

The bold, easy-to-read graphics will help to deliver consumer action. 

2110915 - BOM_SPEC Rev 11-9-21-3.png

Creating white models:

After building the design in Artios CAD, white models are built in order to  visualize the design, make sure the folds are correct, and see how it will ship. 

mentos 3.png
mentos 2.png

Header will be put on in the retail store in order to be protected while shipping. 

2110915 - BOM_SPEC Rev 11-9-21-8.png
2110915 - BOM_SPEC Rev 11-9-21-7.png
2110915 - BOM_SPEC Rev 11-9-21-4.png
2110915 - BOM_SPEC Rev 11-9-21-5.png

Parts in Artios CAD


Art was created by the graphics team.

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