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Brace for Impact

Empowerment for all

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A wrist brace that empowers users to be aware.


Brace for Impact is designed to solve injury awareness problems of athletes. With the integration of technology and stabilizing materials, consumers can become more empowered to be aware  of how they are impacted by their sport. This follows the trend of Empowerment for all with the sub-trend supported development. 

Braces should be used  after getting even a minor injury, sometimes it is wise to use them as preventative measures. However, people do not like wearing them because of discomfort, absence of aesthetic, lack of body awareness, and unavailability of custom molds

A majority of wrist injury is due to repeated trauma, and injuries of the hand and wrist are associated with longest absence from work or sport

Wrist Brace
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62% of sports related injuries occur during practice. 


Knowing how to move your body correctly can reduce risk of injury by 72%.







Level of Interest



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Validation and Understanding
By interviewing doctors, athletes, and people with current and past wrist injuries, important information was gathered in order to start ideating. 


Strength and Comfortability
This brace must be durable and have the strength to keep its rigidity while also being as comfortable as possible for the wearer. 


It must be easy to repair and easy to customize to the users needs.  


Since the brace will be used in sports, it has to be light, breathable, and sweat resistant.  

Prototypes were made in order to test the brace. After validation and testing, renderings were made to show all the features and proper materials. 

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Sensors are used to identify trauma to the wrist and notify the wearer of when to stop playing. 

A BOA system is used in order to keep the brace tight on the wrist. 

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Information is sent to the users phone through Bluetooth. Users can use this information in order to treat their symptoms better and know how they are moving their body. Doctors can also use this information to help with treatment. 

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Rendering and Validation
Renderings are done in order to visualize the  full scope and ability of the device.
After rendering, I was able to
present to the people interviewed in the beginning of the project for validation. The renderings and prototypes were able to give everybody the ability to understand the project and interact with it. 


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The brace is made of strong materials for protection. At the same time they are light and breathable so practicing sports with the brace on feels natural. 

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