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Fenice Climbing Shoe

black and white rock climber.jpg
rock climber 2.jpg

Design Goal

A shoe for moderate

climbers that focuses on

trend, agility, and comfort 

Scarpa Values:

-Sustainability is a manifesto for Scarpa

-Improving their sustainability profile

Achieves maximum quality and durability

Began process of obtaining B Corp certification

90% of materials are created in Europe

Photovoltaic systems installed on company buildings

-60% of production is done in Italy


brand analysis.png
motion study.png

Rubber needs to be on top so feet can hook under rocks.

The heel can be used to stabilize and hold onto rocks.

Foot Position Study

Common foot positions include the side of the foot resting on top of a rock.

Toes are bent the slightest bit

to strengthen the foot's hold.

Fenice Climbing Shoe.png

Trend Research


exploration png.png


shoe png.png

Two straps to pull shoe onto the foot

Holes for breathability

One-pull strap

Rubber creeping onto the top in order for the best grip

Concept Direction

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